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Connect through SSH to your device!

Category : Tools
Current version : 1.9.4
Size : 987 Ko
Editor : Berserker
Note :
Available at :
Android  |  Tablet PC

SSHDroid is a SSH server implementation for Android.
This application will let you to connect to your device from a PC and execute commands (like "terminal" and "adb shell") or edit files (through SFTP, WinSCP, Cyberduck, etc...).

Root is optional but not required to run this application.

Windows users:
- File Transfer: WinSCP (
- Remote Shell: PuTTY (

Linux users:
- File Transfer: natively supported by most file managers (like Nautilus or Dolphin), just enter the sftp address displayed as "Location".
- Remote Shell: run 'ssh' from the terminal.

Mac users:
- File Transfer: Cyberduck (
- Remote Shell: run 'ssh' from the terminal

q: Why my transfer speed decrease when I turn off the screen?
a: Enable the option 'Lock Wifi'. If your device is running at least Android 2.3.x, you should get full speed transfer even when the screen is off, otherwise enable the option 'Lock screen' too.

q: How can I use a shared key with Putty/Winscp?
a: You have to generate a key from the application in OpenSSH format and use Puttygen to import/convert it in ppk format. A recent version of Puttygen (>= 0.61) is required!

Like this app? Please rate 5 stars so that it can be improved, thanks!

This is an ad-supported application (it won't start if you disabled ad on your device): please consider buying "SSHDroidPro" (which doesn't require enabled ad) if you need an ad-free/donation version.

Tags: ssh sftp terminal remote shell adb

Recent changes:
- ICS compatibility fixes
- Dropbear updated to 0.53.1 (SSH tunneling now works)
- Busybox now supports DNS names resolution
- Active connections are now closed correctly once the service is stopped
- Special characters in the password are now supported

Content rating: Everyone

- ICS compatibility fixes
- Dropbear updated to 0.53.1 (SSH tunneling now works)
- Busybox now supports DNS names resolution
- Active connections are now closed correctly once the service is stopped
- Special characters in the password are now supported

Connect through SSH to your device!

Good   4
by A Google User

Good application easy to use. Been using this application on all devices. I run Linux and there is no easier way to get files from phone to computer.

The   4
by A Google User

The best app for linux users.

Does   4
by A Google User

Does not work It connected once for about 30 seconds and then disconnected me, after that all I got are "connection refused" errors. Using Putty from XP to Droid Bionic.

Virus This   4
by A Google User

Virus This application tried to edit hosts file, which interfere with other apps, which violates gplay TOS. Report it to make it banned now!

Freezes   4
by A Google User

Freezes on Samsung SII It freezes all the time on my SII. Old version worked fine on my old Milestone, but now it just freezes, making it unusable.

Tick   4
by A Google User

Tick tock tick tock Waiting for 45minutes on iniatilising screen..

Access   4
by A Google User

Access denied Why access denied? I connect with the correct url and it asks for a password I use root for uname and admin for pswd. Can't ever authenticate

Works   4
by A Google User

Works great with sshfs !! If you want to run sshfs, this app works well. The other app I tried "SSH Server" has reading problem over the sshfs connection. For example, using the "SSH Server" app, if I write a file over sshfs to my android tablet, that file is ok. But, if I copy or read the file back over sshfs, the file becomes corrupted. Very hard to find this problem! On the other hand, "SSHDroid" works perfectly over sshfs. No problem for read or write over sshfs! Highly recommended!!

Doesn't   4
by A Google User

Doesn't work with ad blocker Not uninstalling my ad blocker just to use this app, I'll find something else.

Very   4
by A Google User

Very handy Handy for arbitrary file transfers between phone and desktop/laptop when you are on non-trusted WiFi hotspots and without a cable connector.

Not   4
by A Google User

Not sure if it works Still on the initial screen: "Please wait... Initializing... (The first time could take a while)" It's been 20 minutes, My patience and faith have nearly run out!

Sweet   4
by A Google User

Sweet as Finally a method to easily transfer a file from Ubuntu to my S3 !!!!!!!!!!!

Skip   4
by A Google User

Skip it.

it's   4
by A Google User

it's legit

Removes   4
by A Google User

Removes ad blocking to be able to run

doesnt   4
by A Google User

doesnt work on galaxy nexus out of box

works   4
by A Google User

works perfectly works perfectly. thanks man!

Awesome Fantastic   4
by A Google User

Awesome Fantastic app. Makes file transfer from Linux super easy.

... !   4
by A Google User

Ok Ok

Forces   4
by A Google User

Forces ad display, will not run if malware blocked Forces ad display and will not run if malware IPs are blocked. Find a better revenue stream than forcing outside content from sketchy sources on my screen. SSHDroid uses the free and open source Dropbear SSH server, which the authors took and wrote a sketchy ad-supported wrapper around. I highly recommend as an alternative getting the Android "Dropbear SSH Server II" app, which uses the same back end server, and is totally free and doesn't force unwanted ads on you.

does   4
by A Google User

does everything i need aria2 on my tv box

Locked   4
by A Google User

Locked up Looked good but locked up on first run :(

Nice   4
by A Google User

Nice one.. Works flawlessly. No complaints..

Awesome!! It's   4
by A Google User

Awesome!! It's the only app I found to be able to transfer my pictures from my computer to the phone keeping the dates. All the other apps I have been using kill the modified date and then it becomes a nightmare in the gallery. I definitely bought it!

Poor Kept   4
by A Google User

Poor Kept crashing

Superawesome +1ed.   4
by A Google User

Superawesome +1ed. Sftp over WiFi/adb USB. Ssh to shell with more commands that android shell doesn't have (vi, etc.)

Won't   4
by A Google User

Won't work with adblock Janky crap software

Berserker   4
by A Google User

Berserker is a jerk. Dude I am not going to allow each and every ad laden app on my tablet wave their stupid banners in my face just to run yours. I will use an alternative, or find a way to use yours. But I won't ever give you a penny. One star, please irradiate yourself.

SSHDroid SSH   4
by A Google User

SSHDroid SSH connection is really slow, and eventually crashes. HTC Thunderbolt

fantastic!! had   4
by A Google User

fantastic!! had a Sony Xperia X10 (Android 2.0.1) which I could mount to my Ubuntu 10.10 laptops, then upgraded to a Sony Xperia TL (Android 4.0.4) and suddenly was unable to mount it to either laptop. Neither phone is rooted -- so I found some instructions on how to fix the mount issue on line but this required installing some libs that I didn't want to chase down and do the dep dance with. Another suggestion was to use sshdroid and just sftp into the I installed it, turned it on, entered the address in Nautilus and voila I was able to access both my sdcard and ext_card. Thank you for this *very* useful app! :)

The   4
by A Google User

The only usable ssh server The only app that is not crooked and not requiring root or dependencies. Keep up the good work! Get rid of ads though.

Excellent Works   4
by A Google User

Excellent Works great!

Abuses   4
by A Google User

Abuses root access As others have stated, abuses root access by "fixing" your hosts file so it can display ads, do not download.

Utter   4
by A Google User

Utter garbage Asp actively messes with the systems of anyone who uses an ad blocker. Treat it add malware.

Insecure   4
by A Google User

Insecure secure shell I used this for awhile and was pretty happy with it, until I discovered that the app stores my device password in plain text in its preferences xml file. This is not completely bad on an unrooted device, as it is stored under /data/data, which is not readable, but on a rooted device it reveals your password to anybody who knows where to look. I uninstalled it. How can you trust a "secure" shell app from a developer who clearly doesn't know the first thing about security?

Great   4
by A Google User

Great app Does what it says on the tin ... great app !

SSHDroid Connected   4
by A Google User

SSHDroid Connected to my kindle fire via putty with this app, very easy to use.

Serious   4
by A Google User

Serious bug This app is brilliant, but I encountered a serious bug: I went to change the port and entered an empty string, thinking that it would use the default for ssh, but the app crashed when I tried to start the server. Now the app crashes immediately after starting, so that i cannot change the setting back. 5 stars when this is fixed.

Outstanding   4
by A Google User

Outstanding app I use it on all of my android devices for file transfer, traffic forwarding, even turning on my computer remotely! Worth the money.

Hey   4
by A Google User

Hey out

Ssh   4
by A Google User

Ssh :-) Did I mention vps server too? :-)

Meh Really   4
by A Google User

Meh Really poor. Used to work nicely on my old phone but on my R800i (despite what Play says) it rarely does anything. Connections just time out and the stupid app clears its own log. In other words it does nothing useful.

Connectivity   4
by A Google User

Connectivity at last.... I've had problems connecting Ubuntu/Xperia S since mtp (well, since I got the phone tbh). Drag n drop at 950k/s over an ageing domestic wifi with one bar signal strength... if it keeps working like this I'll be upgrading to full version very soon. Very, very happy, thank you!

Works   4
by A Google User

Works great Unlike "Dropbear SSH" which I couldn't get any file transfers to start, this program works great. SSH and SFTP worked the first time with no issues at all (using WinSCP to be the other end of SFTP). I'm sure I'll cough up the $1.49 for the no-ads version.

Simple   4
by A Google User

Simple setup and easy key import I turned off the password login and imported the public key from the client system. SFTP and SSH are working great!

Needs   4
by A Google User

Needs encryption It would have been very nice if the passwords where encrypted. It has to be worked on in the next update. sha256 would be a good way to go. But its a very nice app

Need   4
by A Google User

Need to deactivate ad block... So lame, moreover for a so basic app, not really something deserving a reward.... Get a look at Drop bear SSH server II, it's ad free, functional and open source !

Bad   4
by A Google User

Bad practices. The application turns user-hostile only if you have the common setup of having an ad blocker active. Things like that are just something a developer should never ever decide to do. It's really sad how a popular application has a childish unnecessary flaw like that. It's even unclear what is happening, for a long time I thought I was suffering from a model-specific bug or something. It's like the user would have been "caught" doing something criminal and is presented the shitty options without any clear indication why the application won't just operate normally, as it should. Yes I know there's a paid version but obviously I can't support a developer who endorses this kind of practices. Just suck it up, doing checks like this is anti-consumer and is no better than putting DRM on a normal audio CD. And we all know how that ended up. I would have liked to been able to write a proper review for this as I've been searching for an app like this.

Great! Works   4
by A Google User

Great! Works great! Thanks.

tort Don't   4
by A Google User

tort Don't work on big files

Simple   4
by A Google User

Simple and easy It works perfectly. Great app.

Absolutely   4
by A Google User

Absolutely awesome and cool This tool is everything I was looking for! GJ developer:)

Awesome Works   4
by A Google User

Awesome Works right out of the box. Installed and connected through SSH and SFTP with no problems. Gives good beginner instructions to get you started as well. Highly recommend. Installed on Favi SmartStick.

Allways   4
by A Google User

Allways good on many android devices. Have been using this program since my magic and use it for music mostly.

Wonderful   4
by A Google User

Wonderful Tool Amazing tool to ssh and scp the device from a PC. Very useful to transfer files and to access device remotely.

Works I   4
by A Google User

Works I use to use QuickSSHD but it stopped working with CM10. This is an even better alternative and its free!

Worst   4
by A Google User

Worst ssh client Force you to uninstall adblocker tools!! And ask you for root privilege, other tools don"t!!

Does   4
by A Google User

Does not work always It is a great app when it works. But it crashes way too often, sometimes not wanting to start at all.

Need   4
by A Google User

Need to deactivate ad block... So lame, moreover for a so basic app, not really something deserving a reward....

Won't   4
by A Google User

Won't Work When I load it, it won't work.

A+ Great   4
by A Google User

A+ Great wrapper for OpenSSH. Supports pubkey authentication with password-based login disabled -- great for security-conscious!

Can   4
by A Google User

Can not import a RFC4716 key file Attempts to import a RFC4716 style key fail with "string too long".

Not   4
by A Google User

Not working... Sadly, but program isnt working on my sgs 2...

Perfect Does   4
by A Google User

Perfect Does exactly what I wanted it to do, made my life so much easier.

... !   4
by A Google User


Flogging   4
by A Google User

Flogging stolen IP Ad-invested software that you either have to pay for or accept the ads. Why should I pay the author for someone else's work that they pinched?

Amazing   4
by A Google User

Amazing tool!

It's   4
by A Google User

It's giving me a hell of trouble It will always fail to load 1st time, have to stop it, 1st run takes forever, when I finally make it work, I cannot stop it or restart the phone or it will fail to connect even when listening... Used to work pretty well in my Xperia Mini pro, but not running any close in my SGS 2

Great.   4
by A Google User

Great. Thanks to the developer. It just works for me.

... !   4
by A Google User

successful easily,successful

Based   4
by A Google User

Based on open souce So why shoud i pay?

too   4
by nicolap

too bad refuse to work if cant find ads

Straight   4
by Whoo

Straight to the point! Excellent app, straight to the point, does what it is supposed to do. (My fastest way of modifying the hosts file)

Straight   4
by Glock30

Straight awesome. Excellent app. Works as advertised! People crying about ads should realize that the devs do this to put food on their plates, and they deserve every penny for their hard work!

Used   4
by Chris

Used to work well. Now it locks up. I have used this app for quite a long time and was very happy with it. Now I have to uninstall it and re-install every time I use it on my Galaxy Nexus or else it will lock up when started. A fresh install works but it's a pain to have to do this every time. I had to re-install it once on my Xoom tablet also, but I've been able to use it multiple times now without re-installing, so it might be OK on that device.

Nice   4
by ZigZagJoe

Nice job.... ... selling other people's hard work. Thankfully, it's easy to extract the executables from this and run them by themselves ;) Seriously, it takes some gall to wrap ads around a FOSS SSH server, require them on the free version, and charge $2 for the ad-free version.

One   4
by Mijo

One of the best Well, this is one of the best SSH servers I have seen in the market. It does not require rooting the device, although when rooted, it connects to the normal port 22. The application is stable, and makes my phone accessible natively from terminal uising ubuntu. I can transfer files easily via scp, or open the phone in nautilus or caja. The ads supported version does not cause any nuisance, as the application runs in the background once you press the home screen. I just transferred 2 GB to the SD card from my laptop to the phone using WIFI, and the average speed was excellent without disconnects.

ads   4
by Jack

ads disabled Disabling itself if AdFree is installed is a bit much. Come on.

AdFree   4

AdFree Block? Meh. At first I just patched it to remove the block, but now I'm using a different SSH app and I will never come back to this one.

Derpware Plenty   4
by Murple

Derpware Plenty of better, spamless ssh daemons for Droid. If you choose this one, thou art derp.

AdFree   4
by Bagy

AdFree blocking Why the hell does the app not work if AdFree is installed? It's ridiculous! Use an alternative.

Not   4
by Andy

Not the way SSH should be... When you open this app, it will start an SSH server with root password "admin" instantly. If you are not alone in your WLAN, you will be owned before you can stop and reconfigure it...

Why   4
by joelol75

Why I love Maemo and hate Android Ok.. maybe some strong words but its not so much Android I hate, but more this rape and pillage of OSS by taking blatently simple utilities, slapping on a fancy name, packing it with ads or privileges well beyond what's required (I'm not implying that in this case, mind you, just generalizing here) and holding them hostage for money. A good example is app named Scrambled Net and the dev in general. It's a KDE game done well+FREE check out the permissions as well. All his apps are oss adless and useful. T

Works   4
by [lexx]

Works very well.

Loads   4
by Android

Loads of crap for just SSH "Free" version is not actually free, its ad-supported and if you use adFree like me, it refuses to work. In turn it was copied from QuickSSHd, which in turn itself is based on DropBear SSH, which is free and open source. And oh, different command in free and pro "helps" especially the pro version requires longer string than the free. What a shame. p/s: I googled for some old version to test (1.93) seems just ok, ads can be blocked.

Works   4
by Lewis

Works great! Gets the job done!

Bad   4
by Glenn

Bad Update After I installed the update, I could not run the app because I block ads. I could not revert the app, so I am uninstalling.

not   4
by Taylor

not too often..... but sometimes ya need to ssh. its nice.

... !   4
by NozeDive


Perfect   4
by Y

Perfect on SGS2 ! Very easy to install ! ssh and sftp server working perfectly over wifi ! Thanks !!!

Blah I   4
by mark4

Blah I chose to block SPAM. YOU wont run if i block spam. Removed.

No   4
by tylerwatt12

No point in disabling my ad blocker If I liked your app I would buy it. But not if you force your users to look at ads. Uninstalled. Many other alternatives besides this.

Terrible   4

Terrible app! garbage application, doesn't even work properly. go check out and download QuickSSHd, much better and it is actually FREE!

won't   4
by vio

won't work if you have an ad blocker won't work if you block adds; hitting author with a dead chicken!

needs   4
by Molo

needs adds to run couldn't try it as it won't run if it cannot load adds...

Based   4
by John Paul

Based on open souce So why shoud i pay?

Unblock   4
by Casey

Unblock my hosts... Lol Dick off

weird   4
by Stephen

weird shell initialization issue please learn how unix shells work before you try to write your own. profile script. it should end with 'exec sh' not 'sh' why does this include its own (old) version of busybox anyway?

Meh Id   4
by ?ig???????? ?????? ?i??

Meh Id rather use a openssh like program than be forced to give this dude money in some way

The   4
by Peter

The best ssd daemon works great - contains it's own busybox to use without mucking with /system/bin!

Fantastic   4
by Obadz

Fantastic tool Logging into the phone is cool but the really useful feature is to mount the phone over sshfs (can then rsync media, etc.). Thumbs up!

Go   4
by Luis

Go get something else Agree with Joppy: This app won't run together with AdAway. It's a trivial app that has plenty of alternatives, so go get something else.

ad-force refuses   4

ad-force refuses to work until you let it switch of your adfree-config for the entire phone/all apps. not very user friendly...

Buggy Changes   4
by Tudor

Buggy Changes the IP address every time, with no option for it to stay the same. Author is oblivius to report of this bug.

Total   4
by David

Total crap Reverts ad settings.... Fail

Doesn't   4
by towlieban

Doesn't run Displays error message at first run and quits

this   4
by Mathew

this now sucks wont run free version with add blocker

Must   4
by chozian

Must have for power users! This is a must have app for power users!

Only   4
by Ben

Only worked the first time... ...

useful works   4
by alexzap

useful works great. if it says connection refused then try connect on port 2222 by typing "ssh -p 2222"

OK,   4
by Al

OK, but not great Seems every time I restart it, the service crashes and I have to kill it and clear the data for it to work again. Disappointing on both an SGS2 and TF201.

ICS   4
by lenrek

ICS compatible? Still does not work in ICS for me. It was working when I was in GB.

Forced   4
by Nick

Forced ads Refuses to work if you have an ad blocker

Excellent I'm   4
by Gyussz

Excellent I'm using it to play music on my PC from my device through wifi tethering

Obnoxious Detects   4
by Orhan

Obnoxious Detects ad blocking and refuses to RUN? this disgusting behavior means I will NEVER even try an app by these creeps. For the record, I own paid versions of many useful apps that are willing to run without ads.

Do   4
by Nyarlathotep

Do not buy the pro version! It's lame when Android developers write some thin install wrapper around open source software and ask for money. I'm fine with *real* developers posting the source code, and asking for pay for the easy marketplace install, but trivial little wrapper app shouldn't do that. Use an open source dropbear installer.

don't   4
by Yurij

don't work

Perfect Exactly   4
by amrhassan

Perfect Exactly as advertised.

Can't   4
by Die Nacht

Can't be used in ICS

... !   4
by Sid


Connection   4
by Daniel Smedegaard Buus

Connection Refused error Doesn't seem to work at all. Neither sftp nor a regular SSH login. Just connection refused, using other computers on the same subnet. Tried the DroidSSHd (not on the Play store AFAICT) that another user suggested, and that works flawlessly.

Meh works   4
by mcd1992

Meh works great but you can't have adblock installed. google DroidSSHd as an alternative

It   4
by Ted

It doesn' work on ICS It doesn' work on my galaxy nexus ICS. It always stick on initializing.

Garbage Refuses   4
by Pole

Garbage Refuses to work while adfree installed.... garbage

WHAT!? Banners   4
by Taron

WHAT!? Banners are blocked. What a fail this app was. "Adfree version" Yeah Right.

Greedy! Doesn't   4
by Chris

Greedy! Doesn't work with ad blockers, rubbish.

Greedy   4
by Roberto

Greedy asshole >Profiting from other people's work. >Trying to impose arbitrary restrictions.

Doesn't   4
by Matt

Doesn't work... They want $

broken Simply   4

broken Simply doesnt work. Dont bother.

Fantastic fantastic   4
by dimitrios

Fantastic fantastic application. It works great

... !   4
by Markus

Bad Bad

Ads With   4
by Bj

Ads With ad blocker installed sshdroid refuses to work. I recommend SSHelper as a good free ssh daemon

Detects   4
by jmomomomomo

Detects ad blocking App will detect ad blocking and force you to buy the pay-version. This is annoying if you want to try it out for the first time before you buy. That said, it is well worth the whole $2 the pro version costs.

Wow! Thank   4
by Christine

Wow! Thank you so much for this app. Works perfectly. V impressed. Helped me solve an issue that I was having with getting an app to work correctly. Cheers!

Never   4
by alok

Never runs the second time I can run it successfully the first time. But it always refuses connection the second time.

The   4
by Mauricio Eduardo

The application have Ads The application have ads and it doesn't warning it in the description.

It   4
by Edward

It works fine but always still running in background with default login/pass. So, this is big hole in security. :(

SSH   4
by zog

SSH server for Android It is a functional SSH server for Android using dropbear... Root access too. Works great.

The   4
by Kirill

The best SSH server for android This is a fully functional and very useful SSH server. The only issue i have is it seems to significantly decrease battery life

Awesome Love   4

Awesome Love this app, but it may need some tweaking on XT860 coz sftp is not working, only ssh.

Ads Forces   4
by shkschneider

Ads Forces the pro version. Shame! Switched to dropbear..

Flakey Works   4
by Daniel

Flakey Works for a while, then flakes out and I have to force close. Then one day it chrooted the environment to somewhere I couldn't find. Needs some work. Nexus Galaxy.

Great   4
by Kevin

Great app, shame about the ads It would be good if making a donation resulted in an ad-free app.

Won't   4
by xelerated

Won't work with adblock Crook

Works   4
by Flavio

Works as advertised Works fine on a rooted Samsung Galaxy W (GT-I8150)

Trash The   4
by Joppy

Trash The entire point of this app seems to be to make money. SSH servers are free software, available at no charge by many providers. This will only run if you either give them money, or let them show you ads. Don't give them your money, they haven't done anything original and are trying to get money for other people's work!

Awesome Searching   4
by Khoon Seang

Awesome Searching high and low for simple job of backing up folder. Tried Tasker, FolderSync etc. But nothing beats doing it in SSH. Cheers! On Samsung Galaxy Notes

Worked   4
by milasch

Worked for the first time Then now i cant connect no more. "connection refused" is all i get from my ssh client from arch linux. uninstalling

Awful Wouldn't   4
by John

Awful Wouldn't let me block the ads.

Perfect Best   4
by Eli

Perfect Best way to connect to my Android from my Ubuntu laptop!

Works Works   4
by Alex

Works Works on rooted htc inspire. Used it with winscp.

Not   4
by VPhantom

Not on ICS Unfortunately all I get is timeouts trying to connect to my Galaxy Nexus, same with QuickSSHd. Seems to be an ICS issue. Weird that it seems to work for some people.

ICS   4
by Eric

ICS doesn't initialize Trying it on CyanogenMod 9 alpha... just hangs forever initializing. Works great on my Droid Bionic though!

Wonderful Great   4
by Carl

Wonderful Great app. Must have for rooters.

I   4
by Frenezulo

I couldn't try it because I have ads blocked. I am not going to unblock anything to try this app.

Simple   4
by Brieuc

Simple works well doesn't require root.

Phones   4
by Test

Phones home

Great   4
by lenny

Great program Easy to use

Great   4
by Chris

Great app. Easier to use and more comprehensive than any on device app. Works great on on both my devices - HTC Sensation and ZTE Blade. Highly recommended.

Works Works   4
by Robert

Works Works well

Will   4
by covert

Will not run Comes up with ad free version or quit

sits It   4

sits It just comes up with a "Quit" and "Adfree version" message when I run it. How useful...

ICS   4
by prejudice

ICS PROBLEM it's not working on my Galaxy Nexus, rooted, stock rom

Need   4
by gange

Need root Will not run with adblocker installed.

Doesn't   4
by Reza Alavi

Doesn't work

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